Karin, my Mija.

Tears fall down my face as I admit that this is the last of the Multi-Ethnic Women’s Project (for now, and I was kidding about the tears).

This is last, but certainly negatively least: My mija, sister, bff since childhood, Karin. We go back probably the furthest out of all the ladies. I am proud to know her, she is the right side of my brain, my sanity, my friend, my entertainment (not the nasty kind), and now, the most beautiful wife and new babymama.

Karin, you got it goin on, you are  my bestest, and I am thankful for the woman you are in my life.

Check owt the pics!!


Yowza, this pic mos def IS fierce, fabulous, and fresh! Thank you Kola, you worked the cam!


And for Karin’s Celebspiration: I chose (and apparently I’m the only one who thinks they’re identical. What the H.)


Stacey Dash! As IF!

Stacey’s look is very glam and I love the berry tones she used that were noticeable, but  not too over the top. It is important to pay attention to the skin tone Karin has and compliment it, not distract from it.

Karin is of Mexican and African American descent.

On Karin, I used:

Eyes: Painterly Paint Pot by Mac, Mac shadows “trax” and “sketch” and shadow “Heat Element” (tho I forgot the line, whoopsy)

Lined with Blacktrax cream liner (Mac) “sketch” as bottom liner,  mascara, false lashes, and another coat of mascara.

Blush: Ulta’s “Peony”

Powder: Posner’s “Medium/Deep” transluscent powder

Lips: Number 7 lip color #330, Mac’s lustergloss in “Love Nectar” (one of my faves)

Karin looked gorgeous (mind you, she just had a baby 2 months before, blah! haha) Simply stunning.

All right! That’s a wrap.

I thank you all for following this series. Now I can get back to more tips and tricks, but til then, be sure to check out my fan page and of course, fan me!


Thank you to all of my beautiful friends, you truly are beautiful inside and out. And boii did you work it!! So impressed I was!


Thank you to Kola Shobo and Frederick Shavies for producing magnificent work behind the lens. I could NOT have done this without you.


Til next time, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and lots of love spread your way.






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